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Flight Data Recorder

Have you ever wondered how fast your plane really goes ? How high it flies ? And what about G-forces, how high they might be ? How slow your plane still flies ? And what about temperatures inside and outside of your plane ?


All these questions are answered by Real Design Ltd's FDR.

With the FDR software you can create a blue screen video data stream,
that can be used to create flight videos with actual flight data shown !!

Check Downloads !!

Real Design Ltd's FDR is a receiver sized unit with 12 channel data logging capability. Three sensors, that we thought you might be interested in, have been built in to it.

These are:
  • Dynamic pressure sensor (sensing the speed of the plane)
  • Static pressure sensor (sensing the flight altitude )
  • G-force sensor up to +/- 30 G ( sensing the G-forces)
  • FDR has also two built in ice-point compensated K-type thermocouple amplifiers. Now you only need to connect sensor on FDR when you have to measure high temperatures. With K-type thermocouple you can measure temperatures up to 1000 C. FDR has also two built in rpm/frequency counters. Just connect rpm sensor, and you know what is happening.

    And you also have 5 more auxliary channels, that you can use as you desire. In these channels you can connect extra sensors, like:

  • G-sensor
  • Angle of attack sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Voltage sensor
  • Current sensor
  • etc.

    FDR has rolling memory configuration. That allows you to keep it always on and when you see or get idea of doing something interesting, the phenomenon will be recorded to FDR. After the flight you can download it to your computer and analyze it with FDR's software.

    You don't have to worry about memory size, because if you record 5 channels at 25 Hz, you can make almost 3 hour flight without losing any information.