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PWM meter

Servo pulse meter


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This device has been designed to measure the servo position signal. Device measures the width of the servo pulse controlling the servo and converts this to voltage, which can be connected to any of the auxillary channels in the FDR.
With this device you can store the control inputs or use it to collect status information of your plane e.g. use of flaps etc. This can then be visualised if added to a flight video as additional data.

Basic installation:

Connect the sensor to receiver channel you want to measure with Y-lead. Connect the sensor to any of the free auxillary channels (AUX 1-5) in the FDR. The AUX 1-3 channels are with 12-bit and 4,5 with 8-bit resolution.

Technical data:
Dimensions 50*16*10 mm
Weight 10 g
Current consumption 2 mA
Operating voltage 5.2-10 V
measurement range 1-2 ms