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AOA sensor

Contactles angle sensor


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This Angle measurement device is a sophisticated unit, with menu features, that makes it great for model airplane use. The most important feature is, that the measurement works without mechanical contact. This way the only friction affecting the measurement comes from the bearings of the measurement surface. Using small ballbearings an extremely small measurement fin can me used for Airflow Angle measurement. As small as 1 square cm are has been found to be sufficient for measurement. A low friction action is a must when measuring in slow airflow speeds.

Basic installation:

The unit measures the rotation of magnetic field. The center of rotation is marked to the unit with black dot for alignment. Position the magnet as close to the sensor as possible. The distance of 1...2mm is sufficient. Connect the sensor to any of the free auxillary channels (AUX 1-5) in the FDR. The AUX 1-3 channels are with 12-bit and 4,5 with 8-bit resolution. Before the sensor can measure correctly you have to configure the channel MIN and MAX values as described in the software manual.

Technical data:

Dimensions 58*14*7 mm
Weight 10 g
Current consumption 14 mA
Operating voltage 5.2-10 V
Measurement range +/- 40 degree