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RPM turbine

With this device you can measure turbine RPM.


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This device has been designed to be used up to 4kHz frequency. With this device you can measure rotational speed magnetically. The FDR unit has two built-in frequency measurement channels (RPM1, RPM2), where this unit can be connected.

Basic installation:

Fix the unit firmly to the engine from the mounting holes using bracets. Connect the sensor to any of the free auxillary RPM channels (RPM 1,2) in the FDR. Glue the magnet supplied firmly to the spinner nut with epoxy glue, as described in following picture. For reliable operation the maximum distance from the magnet to the sensor should be 100mm.

The basic installation of the magnet

Installation of sensor

Technical data:
Dimensions 43*13*5 mm
Weight 10 g
Current consumption 2 mA
Operating voltage 5.2-10 V
Frequency range 0-4 kHz
Dimensions of magnet diameter 3 mm, length 2 mm