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RPM sensor

With this device you can measure RPM.


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This device has been designed to be used under 4kHz frequency. With this device you can measure rotational speed megnetically. The FDR unit has two built-in frequency measurement channels (RPM1, RPM2), where this unit can be connected.

Basic installation:

Fix the unit firmly to the vehicle from the mounting holes using screws. Connect the sensor to any of the free auxillary RPM channels (RPM 1,2) in the FDR. Glue the magnet supplied firmly to the rotating part with epoxy glue. Before gluing the magnet, test the function of the system and keep in mind the polarity of the magnet.

The basic electrical connection can be seen in the drawing:

Technical data:
Dimensions 20*8*5 mm
Weight 3 g
Current consumption 1 mA
Operating voltage 5.2-10 V
Frequency range 0-4 kHz
Dimensions of magnet diameter 3 mm, length 2 mm