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Current sensor

This device has been designed for measuring 0-80 A current.


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This device has been designed for 0-80 A current range. The polarity of the voltage is printed to the circuit board with "+" and "-" signs. If you want to measure e.g. the current of your receiver, connect the battery negative connection to the "-" connection of the device, battery positive connection to the positive connection of the receiver and finally the "+" connection of the device to the negative connection of the receiver.

Basic installation:

Fix the unit firmly to the vehicle from the mounting holes using screws. Connect the sensor to any of the free auxillary channels (AUX 1-5) in the FDR. The AUX 1-3 channels are with 12-bit and 4,5 with 8-bit resolution.

The basic electrical connection can be seen in the drawing:
Technical data:

Dimensions 48*12*4 mm
Weight 10 g
Current consumption 1 mA
Operating voltage 5.2-10 V
Measurement range 0-80 A
Sensitivity 20 mA/G
Max current limit 100 A